Wedding Terms every bride should know

Place card vs. escort card? Processional vs. recessional?
Here’s a quick guide to common wedding terms you’ll probably hear along the planning process.

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The bustle gathers up the wedding dress train with buttons or ribbon to prevent the train from dragging and helps the bride move around during reception. Most often at the bride’s final fitting, they will demonstrate how to bustle the dress. It is best to video record on your phone to show your bridesmaids or family member who is helping on your wedding day.


A large decorative base plate for which other dinnerware is placed on top.

Escort Card

Escort cards, found at entrance of reception, will have a guest’s name and their table assignment to help direct them to their assigned table.

Place Cards

Not to be confused with escort cards, but the place card sits at the guest’s individual table setting to signify the guest’s specific seat.


The soft music played as guests arrive at the ceremony and are seated.


The music that plays as the bridal party & bride walk down the aisle - and marks the beginning of the ceremony.


The joyous music played as the bride and groom exit from the ceremony as husband and wife.


Everything found on a set table from the linens to the place settings to the floral arrangements which creates the design & look of the table.


A small candle housed in a glass or metal container. Most venues require that candles are placed inside a holder that contains the flame for safety reasons.

How to (Gracefully) Deal with a Rainy Wedding Day

“Don’t like the weather? Just wait a few minutes and it will change!” - Indiana

Planning an outdoor wedding can be worrisome with Indiana’s unpredictable weather. For Cody & Caitlin’s rainy day wedding, they took it all in stride, and even with a smile.

Kae Marie Photography

Kae Marie Photography

Should rain clouds threaten your wedding, here are some tips on how to salvage that perfect day.

Embrace Plan B
This tip is about mindset, but also about logistics and practicality. It’s not nice (or practical) to have your guests sitting on wet seats or in a rainstorm, even if an outdoor ceremony is what you have been dreaming of all year. Your happy, dry, warm guests will thank you!

Gather your Gear
Find out if your planner or photographer has clear umbrellas (we carry them for our couples!) They are much easier to forgive in photos - and actually make for great props. Offering a basket of guest umbrellas is also a nice gesture.

Kae Marie Photography

Kae Marie Photography

You also might want to consider rain boots. They can even be super cute white rain boots - or matching bridal party boots (great bridal party gifts, by the way!)

bridesmaids boots

Lead by Example
If you are bummed about your rainy wedding day, your guests will notice your energy, and they will be bummed too. So, live it up on your wedding day! Embrace every moment!

Consider a Change of Attire
Whether your plan is to tear it up on the dance floor, or just to visit with guests all night, you may want to consider a costume change on a rainy day. If you’ve braved the elements to take your photos, you may have a damp heavy gown on your body, and that’s not fun for a 10-12 hour day. Consider a short dress or a jumpsuit.

At the end of your wedding day, here’s what you will remember: all your loved ones in the same room, how it felt, how fast the whole day went by, and how happily exhausted you are. You won’t remember the rain. I promise.

Kae Marie Photography

Kae Marie Photography

First comes love, then comes marriage....a FREE processional planning guide

First comes love, then comes your loved ones grinning down the aisle, then comes marriage. You probably already know that traditional weddings always come with a processional (& recessional). But chances are, you may not know exactly how the whole thing goes down.

With this easy guide, you can plan your processional walking order & songs for your big day.
(P.S. Your coordinator will love your proactive planning for rehearsal!)

Download our easy ceremony planning guide here.


Free ceremony planning guide

…a guide to your wedding processional order

Ceremony Music | Our Favorite Songs

I love, love LOVE music…so needless to say, I had so much fun creating my favorites playlist. It’s usually a last minute thought for couples - but hoping this creates some inspiration. Music is such a personal preference so steal or ignore as you please!

These songs are great for the processional which can include 1) seating of grandparents & parents 2) bridal party & groom and, save the best song for the 3) THE BRIDE!

Listen to my favorite processional entrance songs here (Apple music)

  • A Thousand Years (Piano Guys)
    This is my FAVORITE Piano Guys song, but they have many beautiful ones!

  • Pachelbel’s Canon in D

  • Bridal March (Vincente Avella)

  • Wagner Bridal Chorus - Piano

  • Trumpet Voluntary (Danny Wright)

  • I Can Only Imagine (The O’Neill Brothers)

  • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Insturmental)

  • Wedding March (Wedding DJ & Felix Mendelssohn

  • Clair De Lune

  • Butterfly Waltz

  • All of Me (Charlie Glass, Insturmental)

  • Perfect (Insturmental)

  • Fairytale (Enya)

Although my playlist was solely focused on the processional, there can be many opportunities throughout your wedding for the perfect song (ie., cake cutting, first dance, etc.) If you are looking for inspiration,
check out this list! Remember, wedding DJ’s are usually super helpful as well!

The Guest List: Who Makes the Cut?

Creating a guest list for your wedding can be daunting (and expensive!), but ask yourself these questions -

Will this guest still be in my life in 5 years? Is there a chance you will look at wedding pictures and say, “Who is that? I cannot believe they were at my wedding!”

For co-workers, apply the “but for” test: If the company dissolved tomorrow, would you still be friends with them? But for your job, do you have anything in common?

If you live in the same city as the potential invitees and don’t see them outside of events organized by mutual friends, then you shouldn’t invite them. These are not your friends; these are your friends’ friends.

Do you want to invite children? If there are only a few children on the guest list, it won’t affect the budget much. If there are 20 children on the guest list, you could save a significant amount by only inviting adults to the wedding.

Your wedding isn’t an excuse to invite every friend you've ever known. It is much more important to focus on the people who are in your lives right now. There is no need to feel guilty for not inviting someone they have not seen in ten or more years.

Remember it's YOUR day! Share it with the friends & family your cherish most!

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Seating Guide Inspiration

Directing your guests to their seats can be daunting at first, but with some creativity, it can be fun. Check out these ideas for inspiration!

The use of antique windows has been a recent trend. Hiring a calligrapher or friend with excellent handwriting and a white Sharpie will create the look. Caution: Sometimes windows can be difficult to read unless placed in front of a solid wall or landscaping. More affordably, print your table assignments on a variety of plain or textured paper and secure behind frames.

One of simplest seating charts are posters from Staples, Zazzle or VistaPrint. These average about $20 to create. Pop on a foam board & easel - and done! Bonus, you can create coordinating menu cards, placecards and signs for your event.

My recent favorite is the use of frames. Whether you prefer matching or eclectic, it super easy and pretty.

Clothespins! Clip names on twine, chicken wire, etc. for simple organization.

Thinking outside of the box? Ideas are endless! Entertain your guests by incorporating your theme or passions.