Wedding Terms every bride should know

Place card vs. escort card? Processional vs. recessional?
Here’s a quick guide to common wedding terms you’ll probably hear along the planning process.

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The bustle gathers up the wedding dress train with buttons or ribbon to prevent the train from dragging and helps the bride move around during reception. Most often at the bride’s final fitting, they will demonstrate how to bustle the dress. It is best to video record on your phone to show your bridesmaids or family member who is helping on your wedding day.


A large decorative base plate for which other dinnerware is placed on top.

Escort Card

Escort cards, found at entrance of reception, will have a guest’s name and their table assignment to help direct them to their assigned table.

Place Cards

Not to be confused with escort cards, but the place card sits at the guest’s individual table setting to signify the guest’s specific seat.


The soft music played as guests arrive at the ceremony and are seated.


The music that plays as the bridal party & bride walk down the aisle - and marks the beginning of the ceremony.


The joyous music played as the bride and groom exit from the ceremony as husband and wife.


Everything found on a set table from the linens to the place settings to the floral arrangements which creates the design & look of the table.


A small candle housed in a glass or metal container. Most venues require that candles are placed inside a holder that contains the flame for safety reasons.